There Won't Be A FIFA 24: New Statement About The Future

EA Sports and the World Football Federation FIFA won't continue their partnership FUT 23 Coins. Instead of FIFA 24, the established publisher will create EA Sports FC for fall 2023 – and according to President Gianni Infantino, the FIFA will develop their own game that should outperform the industry leader. But what's their plan?

After 30 years, the worldwide beloved FIFA series is coming to an end. The Canadian developers of EA Sports and the Fédération Internationale de Football Association – you might know them as corrupt criminals, or FIFA – are ending their decade-long partnership.

Don't worry, EA won't end their money-making machine called Ultimate Team, which was first included as a DLC in FIFA 09. We definitely will see another football game from Electronic Arts in 2023. But the new name is something we have to get used to first. EA Sports FC will be their new flagship and if you are interested in leaks we always got your back:

What remains exciting, however, is what we can expect from the World Football Federation. None other than President Gianni Infantino is – as we are used to from him – making huge promises and has announced that the FIFA will publish the best football game ever. Say what now?

The ending between EA's and FIFA's cooperation has been nothing short of a dramatic and long story. But in the end, the split probably came down to good old money buy FIFA 23 Coins. In a BBC Interview from May 2022, EA Vice President David Jackson said the federation created "some restrictions" for developers that kept them from improving "the experience for players" – but he also emphasized that "money plays a critical role in most negotiations".
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