The Winning Formula Develop a squad on FIFA

 Power Shot Score a power shot. While playing a match, score your opponent using a power shot. Bring It On Win a match on Competitive Master settings in any offline mode. Go to the Settings tab in Main Menu FIFA 23 coins.

Select Customise Settings and choose Controller Settings. At this tab, turn on the Competitive Master switch. Now, play a match in offline modemdash;with the new setting saved. Squad Building Connoisseur Finish 10 Squad Building Challenges in FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT). Complete Squad Building Challenges 10 times with a squad of up to 11 players on FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

 The Winning Formula Develop a squad on FIFA Ultimate Team with 33 Chemistry Points. Select a league in FUT and put 11 players on the team from that league. Make sure all players correctly fit into all eleven positions in your formation to get maximum chemistry of 33. Tactical Tinkerer Develop a custom tactic in FIFA Ultimate Team. Go to the FUT menu. Press L2 to show your active squad. Press L2 again to bring up the Custom Tactics menu. Change anything in the formation and save. Safe House Play a match in FUT Friendlies with any House Rule. Select Online in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team menu.

Next, click FUT Friendlies. Begin any match type with an online opponent. Regardless of your match result, you will unlock the trophy. Parking The Bus Have 10 Clean Sheets in FUT Squad Battles. You need to play Squad Battles in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team on a beginner difficulty and finish the match with a clean sheet i.e. not conceding any goal. Keep playing matches till you secure this kind of result ten times. In Cahoots Play and Win 10 Co-Op games in FUT Squad Battles or FUT Division Rivals with online friends. Start a Co-op lobby with a friend and select Squad Battles. Play and win ten games. A Moment Of Your Time Finish off one FUT Moment. Go to the FUT menu and choose Moments cheap FUT 23 coins
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